Keynote Address: Effectively Confronting and Dismantling Whiteness, White Supremacy and Oppression

A talk by Amanda Fernandez MI, MBA and Naomi Pavan
Inclusifyy and Inclusifyy

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About this talk

This keynote explores the implications of the ‘punishment versus reform’ reasoning behind cancel culture with respect to its effect on intellectual freedom and its impact on dismantling harmful ideologies. I will connect the dots on how the current iteration of cancel culture, de-platforming, and not providing space: (1) is rooted in Whiteness and White supremacy, (2) further disenfranchises and marginalizes underserved communities, (3) upholds racism and oppression.

I will also discuss how intellectual freedom is a necessary precursor to effective equity work; why intellectual homogeneity leads to workforce homogeneity; and how a lack of understanding of the breadth of variables that contribute to exclusionary ideas and practices leads to failed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in organizations and associations.

Amanda Fernandez MI, MBA

Bad-Ass DEI Strategist

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