Keynote Address: Infodemic! Is Misinformation Killing Us?

A talk by Professor Timothy Caulfield (he/him)
Professor, Faculty of Law and School of Public Health, University of Alberta

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Cow urine, bleach, and cocaine have all been recommended as COVID-19 cures — all nonsense. The pandemic has been cast as a leaked bioweapon, a byproduct of 5G wireless technology, and a political hoax — all poppycock. And countless wellness gurus and alternative-medicine practitioners have pushed unproven potions, pills, and practices as ways to “boost” the immune system. Misinformation is absolutely everywhere.

The coronavirus isn’t just a pandemic, it is an infodemic. It’s caused physical harm and financial loss; added confusion and distraction to an already chaotic environment; and made it even more difficult to implement the needed health policy initiatives.

How does this misinformation spread? Why do people believe it? What can we do as individuals and as community of information professionals do to fight back? Who can we trust? In this provocative presentation, Timothy Caulfield will explore these questions and more.

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