Toby Rabinovitz

Toby Rabinovitz

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LDAA envisions a society of strength through diversity where exceptional learners are identified early, understood, and supported throughout their lives. Our mission is to promote public understanding and cultivate support networks to build resilience and discover potential in people with learning disabilities.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA) was first incorporated in 1968 as the Alberta Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. In 1980, it obtained charitable status. As its mandate expanded, in 1982 the association added “Adults” to the name, before arriving at its current name in 1987. Its initial purpose was to help local chapters and community groups become more effective in advocating to the provincial government, and in particular, the department of education. Today, the LDAA supports local chapters, advocates at the provincial level on behalf of people with learning disabilities, works with Alberta Learning on resource development, offers training for teachers of beginning readers who may be experiencing reading difficulties, administers two scholarship funds and maintains a web site and social media presence.

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