A joint effort of The Alberta Library, Parkland Regional Library System, Peace Library System, and Yellowhead Regional Library, Stronger Together came together in March 2020, as libraries were closing and library conferences everywhere were being cancelled. 

A virtual event from start to finish - the Stronger Together conference has been planned and delivered entirely from a distance. In fact, several of the planning team members have never met in person!

As a first-time joint and virtual conference for the hosting organizations, and as the first-ever virtual conference for Alberta libraries, the event exemplifies the theme of Stronger Together, demonstrating the impact that libraries can have when they work together to serve their communities. 

The planning committee would like to thank their directors and CEOs for their ongoing support of Stronger Together.  They would also like to thank the libraries and library staff in the regional library systems they serve for being enthusiastic and willing participants in this venture.

We look forward to meeting you at Stronger Together!

Haley Amendt, Parkland Regional Library System

Haley joined the Parkland team in 2018 and loves working with libraries as they connect with their communities and provide a magical service. She is enthusiastic about community advocacy and engagement, dynamic library services, and strong transparent leadership! 

Jen Kendall, Parkland Regional Library System

As a Consultant Librarian with PRLS, Jen collaborates with libraries throughout central Alberta on projects including policy development, community engagement, and facility management. A certified nerd, Jen is happiest when creating reports and surveys, then digging in to the resulting data. On weekends, they primarily watch classic murder mysteries and (attempt to) teach their cat, Chomps, how to be a model citizen.

Jessica Knoch, Yellowhead Regional Library

Having worked in learning and development roles in academic, public and regional libraries, Jessica has a passion for and a keen understanding of what library staff need in order to find success in their roles. A lifelong learner, she is excited about new opportunities for professional growth, and has had a blast learning alongside PRL, PRLS and TAL to organize this virtual conference.

Brian Lin, The Alberta Library 

Brian works with TAL's membership to share resources through the province wide discovery system TAL Online, offsite authentication and other projects. He loves working with the amazing library staff across Alberta and Canada to come up with creative solutions to further enhance library service throughout the province.

Emma Stewart, Peace Library System

Emma has been a consultant librarian with Peace Library System since 2015. She hails from the Maritimes and her passions include digital literacy, communications and outreach, rural library services, and gothic fiction.