Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the conference cost?
This conference is 100% free! 

Can I register, even if I am not a member of PRLS, PLS, YRL or TAL?

Absolutely!  We welcome any participant who is passionate about libraries, no matter who you are or where in the world you live!

When does registration close?

Registration closes Monday, September 28th. There's no cap on the number of conference attendees... the more the merrier!

Do I need to attend each session?

No you don't! While you are invited to participate in each session we understand that most people can’t dedicate two full days to this conference. Feel free to pick and choose whatever sessions are most relevant to you. All of the sessions will be available on replay for up to one year after the event, so you can come back and watch, or rewatch, sessions at any time! 

Can multiple people from the same organization attend?

Absolutely! The only thing we ask is that each person registers individually. This helps give us keep our registration numbers accurate and allows us to send any follow-up information to each registrant.

Will the scheduler automatically factor in what time zone I am in when displaying the schedule?

Yes! Once you register and access the schedule, it will automatically show you times reflective of the time zone you are in. 

What if I have a question or need help?

Please email the planning team:

Is closed captioning available?

Unfortunately, we will not be providing closed captioning of the live events.  However, it will be available for all of the recorded sessions after they are posted.

What if I have any other accessibility needs?

Please email the planning team:

I am trying to get into a session, and the website tells me I need a "pass".  What does this mean?

Not to worry!  This means that you hadn't originally registered for this session.  Just like at in-person conferences, we sometimes like to change our minds about what we are attending at the last minute - so if you are asked to get a pass, simply follow the links to register for the session, and you are in! if you run into difficulties accessing a talk, please email for more support.